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Product Product Ref  Wide Deep High  Price inc
Rectanglar   1200mm  600mm  750mm   
3 panel VPRL3P       75.00
4 panel VPRL4P       85.00
5 panel VPRL5P       95.00
XL   1200mm  600mm  850mm   
4 panel VPRXL4P       95.00
5 panel VPRXL5P       105.00
6 panel VPRXL6P       115.00
XXL   1200mm  600mm  1000mm   
4 panel VPRXXL4P       105.00
5 panel VPRXXL5P       115.00
6 panel VPRXXL6P       125.00
Square   Wide Deep High Price inc
L   600mm 600mm 750mm  
3 panel VPSL3P       65.00
4 panel VPSL4P       70.00
5 panel VPSL5P       75.00
3 panel VPSXL3P 600mm 600mm 850mm 70.00
4 panel VPSXL4P       75.00
5 panel VPSXL5P       80.00
3 panel VPSXXL3P 600mm 600mm 1000mm 80.00
4 panel VPSXXL4P       85.00
5 panel VPSXXL5P       90.00
The Culham - Small Planter CUL 600mm 330mm 300mm 35.00
2 panel          
The Harleyford - Raised Planter HAR 600mm 330mm 450mm 40.00
2 panel          
The Wittington - Long Trough WIT 1200mm 310mm 300mm 45.00
2 panel          
The Hambleden - Raised Trough HAM 1200mm 430mm 400mm 50.00
2 panel          
The Henley -  Large Square Planter HEN 600mm 600mm 500mm 70.00
4 panel          
Pod Shelf Unit          
Fits Square pod or Rectangle pod shelf 6 600mm 125mm 35mm  8.00
Fits Rectangle pod only shelf 12 1200mm 125mm 35mm 12.00
PP 01.05.15          

Vegpods on Tour 2015

Come and see us in 2015 our first date in the Diary is at the Devon County Show, click below to find out the other events we are going to be at...

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